Fourth Industrial Revolution : threat and opportunity on employment relations

18 Dec 2020

The world is walking into another improvement period when the technological innovation, physical innovation, and organic innovation have accomplished an uncommon development separately in their own fields. Simultaneously their applications are converging extraordinarily. Such developments are more likely to affect the employment relations, either positively or negatively. The purpose of this paper is to provide an understanding on how fourth industrial revolution may serve as both threat and opportunity in employment relations in South African world of work in adopting digital transformation agendas for leveraging the social and economic benefits of the digital-driven industry 4.0. This paper argues the manner in which the fourth industrial revolution will pave in threats and opportunities to the employment relations. Arguments persist that Fourth industrial revolution does not only bring change to future world of work but such change comes with significant threats and opportunities to the relationship between employment relations stakeholders, particularly in the South African context. This paper utilises an analytical approach from literature sources to contend that the acceleration of industry changes, more opportunities will be available for employment relation stakeholders along with the threats. This article concludes by arguing that fourth Industrial Revolution have more opportunities than threats only if it is well received and acknowledge by the public. Keywords: Automation, Employment relations, Fourth Industrial revolution, Opportunity, Threats