Finite set-model predictive current control of three-phase voltage source inverter for RES (renewable energy systems) applications

22 Jul 2016

This paper focuses on a combination of three-phase VSI (voltage source inverter) with a predictive current control to provide an optimized system for three-phase inverters that control the load current. A FS-MPC (finite set-model predictive control) strategy for a three-phase VSI for RES (renewable energy systems) applications is implemented. The renewable energy systems model is used in this paper to investigate the system performance when power is supplied to resistive-inductive load. With three different cases, the evaluation of the system is done. Firstly, the robustness of control strategy under variable DC-Link is done in terms of the THD (total harmonic distortion). Secondly, with one prediction step, the system performance is tested using different sampling time, and lastly, the dynamic response of the system with step change in the amplitude of the reference is investigated. The simulations and result analyses are carried out using Matlab/Simulink to test the effectiveness and robustness of FS-MPC for two-level VSI with AC filter for resistive-inductive load supplied by a renewable energy system.