Financing resources in historically disadvantaged schools in the Eastern Cape

27 Mar 2015

South Africa?s educational system has undergone rapid changes since 1994 with many new and innovative policies being developed and introduced, including the introduction of School Governing Bodies (SGBs), to address the legacy of apartheid in education. However, a lack of finance appears to be the biggest obstacle in the way of the South African government?s efforts to improve the funding of resources in historically disadvantaged schools (HDSs). A semi-structured interview was used as the qualitative research method to conduct the research on financing resources in HDSs in the Eastern Cape. The study found that school funds at the HDSs were derived mainly from the school fees. Fundraising activities were not attempted in a meaningful way at these schools. It emerged in the study that there are major challenges facing HDSs regarding the collection of school fees. There is also a dire need to train stakeholders in these schools in fundraising. Several recommendations are made including the introduction of an educational levy on corporate businesses. Such proceeds could be meaningfully utilised in funding both human and non-human resources in HDSs. The findings and recommendations of this study provide policy makers both at micro- and macro-levels with useful information to address