Fertilization capacity of Boophilus decoloratus (Koch, 1844) (Acarina : Ixodidae)

06 Jul 2016

Thirty individual Boophilus decoloratus (Koch, 1844) males were studied daily, some during the whole observation period of 37 days. Newly moulted males spent a mean of 3, 8 days (range 3- 6) on the host before mating. Males mated w1th between 1- 8 females (mean 4, 6), spending 2,6 days (range 1- 10) with each and 0,5 days (range 0-4) in between females. The time spent by adult males on the host was from 9-37 days. The ability for males to produce viable offspring remained fairly constant with each successive female fertilized. Development took place in eggs produced by unfertilized female ticks but only a very small percentage (mean 0, 008 %) of these eggs hatched.