Familial florid cemento-osseous dysplasia : a report of three cases and review of the literature

16 Aug 2021

Familial cases of benign fibro-osseous lesions of the jaws are rare and have been described under numerous terms including familial gigantiform cementoma, multiple cemento-ossifying fibromas, sclerotic cemental masses and familial florid cemento-osseous dysplasia. The synonymous and interchangeable use of these terms to describe distinct entities with overlapping features has resulted in confusion and inaccurate categorisation of these lesions. This study highlights three family members with diffuse fibro-osseous jaw lesions with areas of significant expansion. In the pursuit of finding the best clinicopathological categorisation for the reported cases, familial florid cemento-osseous dysplasia and familial gigantiform cementoma were investigated. The final consensus of these three cases was that of familial florid cemento-osseous dysplasia, and one patient presented with a concurrent “ossifying fibromatoid lesion”. A literature review on the above entities was performed in an attempt to provide clarification and delineate distinguishing features of the individual diseases.