Factors contributing to the level of acceptance of technology in affluent private schools

17 May 2019

This research was conducted to explore factors that influence the technology acceptance of teachers who are employed at a school where there is wide access to different types of technology. While previous research identified perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness as variables in technology acceptance, not many studies give details about the determining factors of teachers who are given extensive access to a wide variety of educational technology. The researcher therefore aimed to identify distinct aspects that deter the use of the available technology, while also establishing the motivating factors in the target school. Semistructured interviews were conducted with five divergent volunteers. The transcribed interviews were analyzed qualitatively using Atlas.ti to assist in identifying emerging patterns. Through the analyses it became evident that although teachers are presented with technology and recognize the usefulness thereof, flaws in support from the institution are increasingly deterring even teachers with a high technology acceptance from using available technology. It is the researchers’ recommendation that members of management set clear implementation goals to staff members, while dedicating themselves to prioritizing issues such as infrastructure, maintenance of hardware, and effective training opportunities.