Fabrication of a Hollow Bulb Obturator for a Hemi-Maxillectomy Defect

04 Dec 2013

In most cases, after a maxillary resection (hemi-maxillectomy), it is desirable to produce an obturator over the affected area. The obturator is designed to be hollow and light in weight. The weight of the obturator can cause a dislodging force. It must therefore be as light as possible. A suitable technique of fabrication should be selected to achieve this. An easy technique is the use of special maxillo-facial flasks with heat-cure acrylic resin. However, some cases limit the use of flasks due to the extremity of the defect, or the availability of the flasks. This article will describe a simple method to fabricate a light in weight hollow bulb obturator of heat-cure acrylic and cold-cure acrylic without the use of special flasks.