Fabrication, Detection, and Operation of a Three-Dimensional Nanomagnetic Conduit.

22 Jun 2018

Three-dimensional (3D) nanomagnetic devices are attracting significant interest due to their potential for computing, sensing, and biological applications. However, their implementation faces great challenges regarding fabrication and characterization of 3D nanostructures. Here, we show a 3D nanomagnetic system created by 3D nanoprinting and physical vapor deposition, which acts as a conduit for domain walls. Domains formed at the substrate level are injected into a 3D nanowire, where they are controllably trapped using vectorial magnetic fields. A dark-field magneto-optical method for parallel, independent measurement of different regions in individual 3D nanostructures is also demonstrated. This work will facilitate the advanced study and exploitation of 3D nanomagnetic systems.