Extrapolating relativity theory to determine particular normative criteria for public management

27 Mar 2015

A parallel can be drawn between relativity theory and the determination of normative criteria for Public Management. The article uses the well-known formula E = mc2 of Albert Einstein as a point of departure to extrapolate similarities between theorising in Physics with a general theory of Public Management. The relevancy of the E = mc2 theorem to Public Management is established by way of a number of arguments, while the original formula, as postulated by Albert Einstein, is paraphrased to include an ??n?? factor, which, for the purpose of this article, denotes an element of infinity, and stated as such relevant to the unpredictability of human beings, the humanities per se, as well as that of the social sciences, in general, which are suggested as ??situational??, rather than constant, under all circumstances, as is the case in physical sciences. The article suggests that managers of human resources, in any particular field of work and/or expertise, should take due cognisance of the unpredictability of human behaviour, as illustrated by the ??n?? factor, within the framework of infinite environmental influences.