Expressing liminality through a reflective practice account of Dismotief

09 Jul 2015

Dismotief (dis-motif) is an interdisciplinary production that explores masculinity, identity and language. The collaborative exhibition, held in the Potchefstroom City Hall in 2012, encompassed poetry, visual art and musical performances to investigate alternative expressions of Afrikaner masculinity as part of the on-going postcolonial discourse of whiteness in Africa. The curatorial design of the exhibition included actual and psychological margins in order to present the audience with a liminal space. This article presents a post-project reflection of Dismotief as framed by a practice-based research model in order to investigate the interrelated influence that both a researchled and practice-led approach had and continues to have on the production process. In this regard the focus is placed on the curatorial process and eventual design of the exhibition Dismotief as practice-led research. Simultaneously the research-led process of theorising the exhibition as a liminal space is investigated. We argue that this reflection facilitates the interrelated relationship between research and practice as a continuous progression. The methodological documentation of the project Dismotief is chronologically divided into three phases namely a pre-production reflection, a production or descriptive reflection and a post-production reflection.