Experimental database for non-Newtonian flow in four channel shapes

19 Sep 2016

The database for non-Newtonian flow in rectangular open channels developed by the Flow Process Research Centre at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology was recently extended to include the testwork on non-Newtonian flow in open channels of semi-circular, triangular and trapezoidal cross-sections. As for flow in rectangular open channels, the flow of carboxymethylcellulose solutions and aqueous kaolin and bentonite suspensions was investigated in these open channels at angles varying from 1? to 5?. The flow curve data for these three fluids were best represented by the power law, Bingham plastic and Herschel?Bulkley models, respectively. The research methodology in the use of this extended database to study laminar, transitional and turbulent non-Newtonian open channel flows is described. It is hoped that this database will be a useful resource to researchers working in the field of non-Newtonian open channel flow.