Evaluation of the Western Cape provincial government?s land provision programme for new state health facilities

30 Oct 2018

The evaluation of government policy programmes is a crucial management instrument applied internationally to establish whether policies are implemented as planned, and effective in achieving specific objectives in society. The article starts off by providing selected theoretical perspectives on public policy evaluation, culminating in a Policy Documentation Template (PDT). The PDT is a framework and control instrument that can serve as a yardstick to measure the effectiveness of public policy documents. The article then refers to policy implementation theory, and the development of a Policy Implementation Monitor (PIM) follows. Comprehensive policy documentation of the Western Cape Public Works & Transport Department (PPW) related to acquisition and provision of land for construction of new state health facilities is then assessed, and the implementation of the policy programme summarised and assessed. The article concludes with a number of recommended strategies to improve the delivery of new state health facilities to the population of the province, within set time frames. Formal partnerships and legal contracting between government departments towards critical service delivery in society are key solutions being put forward.