Ethics @ : The potential for e-learning to democratise the social work curriculum

13 Nov 2009

This article describes the design and implementation of a module on Advanced Social Work Ethics using a blended learning approach and relying substantially on e-learning as a pedagogical tool. The design is contextualised by elaborating on the parameters in which the module was developed – viz. the minimum standards of the Bachelor of Social Work pertaining to ethics, as well as the e-learning and assessment policies at UWC. The module design and implementation was informed by constructivist pedagogical principles, and made use of the notion of ‘critical friends’ as a means of providing opportunities for students to interact as peers and provide input on each others’ learning, thus decentralising the traditional role of the university lecturer. Examples of assessment tasks devised for the module to illustrate the pedagogical principles are also provided. Students’ responses to their experiences of undertaking the module are drawn from their final journal entries and provide an indication of how the module was operationalised.