Erratum to: Do anti-amyloid beta protein antibody cross reactivities confound Alzheimer disease research?

13 Nov 2017

After publication of the original article [1], it came to the authors’ attention that evidence relating to the epitopes recognised and cross reactivities of the antibodies that form the parents of Bapineuzumab and Solanezumab was omitted from Table 1. An updated version of Table 1 is published in this erratum, with the inclusion of three new references [12–14]. This evidence do not in any way undermine the argument that the cross-reactivities of anti-amyloid antibodies may confound research, and in fact can be interpreted as strengthening the argument. The cross-reactivity of both Bapineuzumab and Solanezumab with various Aβ C-terminals and the cross reactivity of Solanezumab with various plasma proteins does not clarify the understanding of the APP proteolytic system and its role in disease, or identify with any certainty which peptides are of interest and are being targeted.