Enhancement mode operation in AlInN/GaN (MIS)HEMTs on Si substrates using a fluorine implant

13 Sep 2017

We have demonstrated enhancement mode operation of AlInN/GaN (MIS)HEMTs on Si substrates using the fluorine treatment technique. The plasma RF power and treatment time was optimized to prevent the penetration of the fluorine into the channel region to maintain high channel conductivity and transconductance. An analysis of the threshold voltage was carried out which defined the requirement for the fluorine sheet concentration to exceed the charge at the dielectric/AlInN interface to achieve an increase in the positive threshold voltage after deposition of the dielectric. This illustrates the importance of control of both the plasma conditions and the interfacial charge for a reproducible threshold voltage. A positive threshold voltage of +3 V was achieved with a maximum drain current of 367 mA mm−1 at a forward gate bias of 10 V.