Energy Neutral Internet of Drones

20 Mar 2018

Extensive use of amateur drones (ADrs) poses a threat to the public safety due to their possible misuse. Hence, surveillance drones (SDrs) are utilized to detect and eliminate potential threats. However, limited battery, and lack of efficient communication and networking solutions degrade the quality of surveillance. To this end, we conceptualize the Energy Neutral Internet of Drones (enIoD) to enable enhanced connectivity between drones by overcoming energy limitations for autonomous and continuous operation. Power provisioning with recharging stations is introduced by wireless power transfer to energize the drones. Renewable energy harvesting is utilized to realize energy neutrality, which is minimization of deficit in harvested and consumed energy in enIoD. Communication and networking architectures and protocols for realization of multi-dimensional objectives are presented. Finally, possible application areas are explained with a case study to show how enIoD operates.