Electrochemical Tailoring of Honeycomb-Structured ZnO Thin Films by Interfacial Surfactant Templating

03 Oct 2017

Zinc oxide thin films with honeycomb structures can be electrochemically produced by interfacial surfactant templating. Newly synthesized 4-amino-1-(2,3-dihydroxy propyl) pyridinium hydroxide ionic liquid exhibiting the hydroxyl functionalized ionic liquids (HFILs) was used in electrodeposition. This method utilizes amphiphile assemblies at the solid-liquid interface (i.e., the surface of a working electrode) as a template to gain the precisely tailor zinc oxide nanostructures. The results described here will provide a useful foundation to design and optimize greener protocol for the electrochemical construction of inorganic nanostructures thin films for possible application of films in nanotechnology field. Moreover, it is believed that this electrochemical tailoring approach can be extended to fabricate other porous metal oxide materials with a unique morphology or shape.