Effects of vibration on pool boiling heat transfer from a vertically aligned array of heated tubes

02 Jul 2019

In the present study, the use of mechanical vibration for the enhancement of pool boiling heat transfer is evaluated theoretically. For this purpose, a vertical array of vibrating circular tubes is considered. The array is submerged in a pool of water under atmospheric conditions and electrically heated for boiling to occur on the tube surfaces. To model this phase-change phenomenon, a two-fluid formulation is employed and accompanied by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) model to estimate the boiling heat flux on a solid surface. A comprehensive parametric study is undertaken to investigate the effects of the amplitude and frequency of vibration, the magnitude of the heat flux, and the pitch-to-diameter ratio of the array on pool boiling heat transfer in the presence of mechanical vibration. An increase of up to 90% in the heat transfer rate is achieved within the simulated operating conditions.