Effects of school principals? emotionally intelligent behaviours on the job satisfaction of educators

20 Mar 2015

This study investigated whether there is a significant correlation between the emotionally intelligent behaviours (EIBs) of school principals and the job satisfaction of educators. The evidence presented revealed that a school principal?s EIBs are a form of intrinsic motivation that motivates educators to perform at their optimum levels because they are satisfied in their jobs. Questionnaires were distributed, completed and collected, and the job satisfaction of educators, their rating of their principal?s levels of interpersonal and intrapersonal EIBs and a rating of how each EIB would influence their sense of job satisfaction was ascertained. It was deduced from the statistical data presented that there is a significant correlation between the sense of job satisfaction of educators and a principal?s interpersonal and intrapersonal EIBs. The research findings strongly indicate that the EIBs of a school principal can be regarded as one of the major factors affecting the job satisfaction of teachers.