01 May 2018

I am delighted to be writing this editorial at such an exciting time in the history of this journal. This tenth volume sees a re-launch under a new title, which reflects our new aims and scope. The Journal brings together scholarship from the inter-related areas of property, planning and environment and will continue to accommodate diverse methodological approaches. We remain international in scope and retain a commitment to comparative legal research. These three areas of law are, of course, not new to the Journal and much has been published in these fields over the years both under the editorship of Dr. Paul Chynoweth and more recently myself. We have had Associate Editors for Environmental Law and Property Law for quite a number of years and I continue to lead on Environmental Law along with Dr. Francis King on Property Law. We have recently been joined by Dr. Emma Lees as Associate Editor for Planning Law and we welcome her to the Team. We also welcome new members to our Editorial Advisory Board and we are extremely pleased to be publishing papers from board members (old and new) in this launch issue with more contributions from our board to be published in a follow up issue later this year.