Economic recession and investment on human resource information systems (HRIS): Perspectives on some South African firms

24 Feb 2015

Purpose? The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of an economic recession on human resource information systems (HRIS) investment decisions by asking: Are there high levels of disinvestment in HRIS during a recession? Are there low levels of trust and confidence in HRIS during a recession? Could there be an absence of concerted commitment in leveraging technology, even in the face of an economic crunch? Design/methodology/approach? An HRIS impact questionnaire was used, targeting human resource and financial managers. The data obtained were analyzed using Statistical Programme for Social Sciences (SPSS). Findings? The findings suggest that while a recession is acknowledged, the continued use of HRIS is not considered a risk factor that warrants cost cutting. Originality/value? This is an original study. It will add value by indicating to management the significance of strategic decision making. The study also points out the need for further research in order to make more sense of certain variables.