EBSD characterisation of the B2 orientation in -TiAl based alloy

21 Apr 2020

Electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) has been conducted to determine the orientation relationship of the remnant B2 phase in an -solidified -Ti-45Al-2Nb-0.3Si (at. %) based intermetallic alloy. The morphology and microstructural characterisation was investigated using conventional methods. The results showed that the B2-grains exhibits a Blackburn orientation relationship (BOR) with the 2 grains viz. {111}B2 // {0001}2 and {110}B2 // {11- 20}2. Moreover, mis-orientation axes of B2-grains were found in the clusters between <101> and <111> in 57-630 angles, in the Y0 directions. In addition, it was also observed that the overall B2 grains in the alloy structure was textured and comprised of high angle boundaries of misorientations above 150 angles.