Dose reference level for barium enemas at state hospitals in the Western Cape South Africa

19 Jun 2020

Radiation doses for barium enema (BaE) examinations were measured using dose area product meters at three hospitals in the Western Cape in South Africa. Thirty adult patients, aged from 18 to 85 years, weighing 50-90 kilograms (kg), were included in the study. The mean age and weight of the patients were 58.3 years and 68.8 kg respectively. The mean DAP was 28.7 Gycm2 and the third quartile DAP value was 36.5 Gycm2. The mass of the patients, fluoroscopy time, and the use of digital or conventional fluoroscopy equipment, were the factors considered for dose variation between the three hospitals. The recommended dose refer- ence level (DRL) for BaE at state hospitals in this region of South Africa is 36.5 Gycm2.