Development of an updated fundamental basic wind speed map for SANS 10160-3

05 Mar 2018

This paper evaluates the need for updating the strong wind climate stipulations of South Africa for the design of structures in accordance with SANS 10160-3:2010, as based on the latest information presented by Kruger et al (2013a; 2013b). The primary objective is to provide the geographic distribution of the characteristic gust wind speed by means of the fundamental value of the basic wind speed, stipulated as vb,0 in SANS 10160-3. A reassessment of previously published information is made to incorporate additional wind speed modelling results and to investigate identified anomalies. The format of presentation, based on local municipal districts, is subsequently motivated, assessed and implemented. In order to provide for situations requiring the consideration of the dynamic effects of wind loading, similar information on characteristic hourly mean wind speed is provided. It is concluded that the presentation of wind speed on a district basis provides an effective balance between the spatial resolution of the available information and its use in operational standardised design.