Development of a data acquisition, storage and retrieval system for the real-time solution of the economic dispatch problem

05 Jun 2017

The economic dispatch problem is solved within the power system control center based on the data received from the load centers. The power system engineer has to adjust the generator settings at regular intervals to match the available power generation with the required load demand. This is not a trivial task as the power system operating in real-time presents the challenge of acquiring, storing and retrieving the real-time data which has been stored within the database, in order to solve the economic dispatch problem in real-time. This paper focuses on the development of a system for the acquisition, storage and retrieval of the real-time power system data using the LabVIEW and MATLAB software environments. The RSCAD model development and simulation software together with the Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) allows one to generate actual real-time data from a simulation model. The real-time data is used to solve the economic dispatch problem for a five-and eleven bus power systems from an Indian power network using the Lagrange?s algorithm in the MATLAB software environment. The lab scale plant setup comprising of the simulation model and Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS), NI-USB-6343 data acquisition card, and two personal computers, together with the obtained results is presented.