Development and testing of intelligent alcohol transportation security system

31 May 2018

The development and testing of intelligent liquid transportation security system are being reported in this paper. Te targeted fuid to be secured was ethanol alcohol and this was due to the thef cases occurring during the transportation of this product from the supplier to the customer. Te system was developed such that only the radar level sensor (VEGAPULS 62) might be in contact with the fuid and the rest of the system remained outside the liquid carrying container to be secured. Te system was developed such that it reports any abnormal liquid level drop through short message service (SMS). Te functioning of the developed system was tested through the use of 1040 L Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) flled with water which was hauled for about 1.5 km. Te liquid thef was simulated and the system sent two SMS. Te frst SMS reported the beginning of water level drop and the second one reported the ending of water level drop. Te second SMS reported the amount of liquid that was taken out of the container.