Determination of Gold(l) in Cyanide Solutions by Solvent Extraction and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

06 Sep 2018

A method is described for the determination of gold(l) in cyanide solutions. The gold(l) cyanide is extracted directly into an organic solvent which contains a quaternary ammonium salt. The gold content of the organic phase is determined by atomic absorption spectrometry. By varying the volume ratio of aqueous to organic phases between 1:1 and 100:1, gold concentrations between 2.5 X 10-4 to 5 X 10-8 1 (50 to 0.01 mg/liter) can be determined. Diisobutyl ketone is recommended as a suitable organic solvent because of its very low solubility in water, and because it produces a satisfactory flame. The method is faster than methods reported previously, the precision and accuracy are good, and no interference by other elements could be detected.