Decomposition-coordinating method for parallel solution of a multi area combined economic emission dispatch problem

05 Jun 2017

Multi-area Combined Economic Emission Dispatch (MACEED) problem is an optimization task in power system operation for allocating the amount of generation to the committed units within the system areas. Its objective is to minimize the fuel cost and the quantity of emissions subject to the power balance, generator limits, transmission line and tie-line constraints. The solutions of the MACEED problem in the conditions of deregulation are difficult, due to the model size, nonlinearities, and the big number of interconnections, and require intensive computations in real-time. HighPerformance Computing (HPC) gives possibilities for the reduction of the problem complexity and the time for calculation by the use of parallel processing techniques for running advanced application programs efficiently, reliably and quickly. These applications are considered as very new in the power system control centers because there are not available optimization methods and software based on them that can solve the MACEED problem in parallel, paying attention to the existence of the power system areas and the tie-lines between them. A decomposition-coordinating method based on Lagrange?s function is developed in this paper. Investigations of the performance of the method are done using IEEE benchmark power system models.