Cytotoxic and atiangiogenetic xanthones inhibiting tumor proliferation and metastasis from Garcinia xipshuanbannaensis

21 Jul 2021

Eight prenylated xanthones including four new analogues were extracted and purified from the leaves of Garcinia xipshuanbannaensis. Multiple techniques including UV, 1D and 2D NMR, and HRESIMS were used to determine the structures of the isolated xanthones. These xanthones were evaluated for their cytotoxicity toward human cancer cells, and compound 4 exhibited activity against HeLa cells. A cytotoxic mechanism examination revealed the active compound induced cell apoptosis by arresting the cell cycle, increasing the levels of ROS, and inhibiting the expression of p-STAT3 in HeLa cells. In in vivo zebrafish experiments, compound 4 was found to block tumor proliferation and migration and have antiangiogenetic activity, and thus seems worthy of further laboratory evaluation.