Creating an ICT skills enhancement environment for entrepreneurs

11 Oct 2018

Entrepreneurship is seen as a primary tool in the fight against unemployment, poverty and social inequality. Although various entrepreneurial training models exist, many of these have not considered the influence of current information and communication technology (ICT), even though ICT is a contemporary tool that entrepreneurs can leverage to increase the likelihood of a successful and sustainable business. This study therefore considered one entrepreneurship model that has been successful in entrepreneurial training in South Africa, the “content model for entrepreneurship education” (E/P), and investigated how ICT could be incorporated into this. The findings of 33 participants, who had been trained using the E/P model, suggest that, while many are familiar with most of the proposed ICT software programs, they do not necessarily incorporate them in practice. Linking ICT to the business skills section of entrepreneurial training seems to be an appropriate way of making the training practically feasible for participants. However, most of the participants highlighted the need for further guidance through a mentorship programme, for example. Guidance can also take the form of graduate programmes or learnerships. The results of the study clearly show how ICT can be linked to entrepreneurial training interventions, as well as the practical aspects of such a course. They also show that entrepreneurial interventions with high-tech equipment should perhaps not be overlooked, and that the basics first should be mastered.