Converged multimedia services in emerging Web 2.0 session

12 May 2016

The increasing request for converged multimedia services have motivated relevant standardization efforts, such as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to support session control, mobility, and interoperability in all-IP next generation wireless networks. Notwithstanding the central role of SIP in novel converged multimedia, the potential of SIP-based service composition for the development of new classes of Web 2.0 services able to interoperate with existing HTTP-based services is still widely unexplored. The paper proposes an original solution to improve online user experience by integrating a SIP stack into the Web browser, thus enabling the execution of novel SIP-based applications directly at the client endpoint. In particular, our browser extension coordinates with our novel SIP-based Converged Application Server to enable session mobility and prevent abuses of the services available in the client. Experimental results show that our SIP-based solution is feasible in most common Internet deployment scenarios and enables session mobility with limited management cost.