Conceptualizing Programme Evaluation

23 Nov 2016

The main thrust of this paper deals with the conceptualization of theory-driven evaluation pertaining to a tutor training programme. Conceptualization of evaluation, in this case, is an integration between a conceptualization model as well as a theoretical framework in the form of activity theory. Existing examples of frameworks of programme evaluation from the literature have been conjugated to yield a conceptualization model for the evaluation of the tutor training programme at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa. In order to take the study to a higher level of deep analysis, this paper argues for the application of activity theory in the research design and subsequent data collection and analysis. Since evaluation can be a daunting and complex task, the adoption of theory was intended to provide a fulcrum for the study and therefore, this paper argues, becomes an integral part of evaluation. In addition, the application of activity theory in programme evaluation has not been well explored elsewhere and therefore, this paper transcends this limitation by making a case for the use of activity theory in programme evaluation, in particular, tutor training programmes.