Comparison of 2D and 3D computational multiphase fluid flow models of oygen lancing of pyrometallurgical furnace tap-holes

12 Sep 2016

Furnace tap-holes vary in design depending on the type of furnace and process involved, but share one common trait: the tap-hole must be opened and closed periodically. In general tap-holes are plugged with refractory clay after tapping, thereby stopping the flow of molten material. Once a furnace is ready to be tapped, drilling and/or lancing with oxygen are typically used to remove tap-hole clay from the tap-hole. Lancing with oxygen is an energy-intensive, mostly-manual process, which affects the performance and longevity of the tap-hole refractory material as well as the processes inside the furnace. Computational modeling offers an opportunity to gain insight into the possible effects of oxygen lancing on various aspects of furnace operation.