Community participation in rural development: The case of Mbashe Local Municipality

23 Oct 2018

The article provides a brief conceptual overview of housing delivery in South Africa, in general, and in Mbhashe Local Municipality, specifically. Community members and municipal officials? level of participation in the housing delivery process is also examined. This article aims to establish whether community participation takes place in the housing delivery process in the Mbhashe Local Municipality and, if not, what the reasons are for non-participation. Several reasons prevent the community from participating in the housing delivery process. These include inaccessible language; ineffective communication between the municipality and residents; high levels of illiteracy; and a general lack of knowledge concerning roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in the rural municipality. One of the study?s recommendations is that municipalities should form partnerships with local universities, where students who are linked to the various departments of Public Management Work Integrated Learning or Service Learning Programmes can help facilitate data collection and information dissemination around housing development, in general. In this way, the university, students, the municipality and rural citizens will benefit in various ways, as the municipality?s current forms of community participation strategies prove inadequate.