Chemical studies on blood and tissues from Angora goats carrying to normal term and from habitually-aborting animals

13 Jul 2016

The results of a comparative study of the haematology and the levels of various constituents of blood taken from certain groups of ewes emanating from farms where abortion was either not known to have occurred previously and where it was most prevalent, are reported. Anaemia consequent to verminosis, sideropaenia and chronic hepatic disease are cited as possible contributing factors in the aetiology of Angora goat abortions and neonatal kid mortality. A marked difference in the liver iron and selenium content between normal and pathological foetuses has been observed. This is interpreted as evidence of early impairment in the placental transfer of nutrients between mother and foetus. Hypocupraemia was encountered in most of the animals studied. Copper deficiency in the areas concerned may be an important secondary factor on some farms.