Characterisation and identification of local kaolin clay from Ghana: A potential material for electroporcelain insulator fabrication

01 Feb 2018

The aim of this work was to evaluate two kaolin clays from the southern part of Ghana, Assin-Fosu and Kumasi clays, as source clays for the fabrication of electroporcelain insulators. X-ray diffraction, differential thermal analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, chemical analyses and scanning electron microscopy observations showed the fired clay minerals have broadly similar characteristics, but with significant differences in their chemical composition. The alumina contents were determined to be 35 ± 2 wt% and 22 ± 2 wt% respectively for the two kaolins and the silica contents 49 ± 3 wt% and 58 ± 3 wt% respectively. It is concluded that Assin-Fosu kaolin is a reliable local source material for electroporcelain fabrication, while Kumasi kaolin is more suitable for making wall and floor tiles.