Cardiac troponin T as a predictor of short- and long-term mortality in community-acquired pneumonia

26 Jul 2017

The association between severe community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) and a significantly heightened risk for development of an acute cardiovascular event (ACE), most commonly acute myocardial infarction, new-onset arrhythmia and new or worsening cardiac failure, is well recognized, with the risk persisting for several years after recovery, and contributing significantly to both short- and long-term mortalities. Although preexisting congestive heart failure, older age and severity of pneumonia have been identified among the risk factors for the development of these ACEs, they may also occur in relatively young individuals without underlying cardiac disease or apparent risk factors for cardiovascular events.3 The predisposing roles that other co-morbidities linked to the susceptibility to development of CAP and its associated mortality, such as other types of chronic cardiac disease, liver, renal and respiratory disorders and diabetes mellitus, may play in the development of cardiovascular events (CVEs) remain to be established.