Capturing the needs of architects: a survey of their current information requirements for natural ventilation design

12 Jan 2018

This paper focusses on identifying the information needs of modern-day architects seeking to design low-energy naturally ventilated buildings. We present the results of a survey conveying the personal views of international MA/MSc/MArch student architects at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK. The aim was to gain insight and raise awareness of architects’ current information requirements. Our study covered aspects concerning architects’ perceived knowledge of natural ventilation, the resources they most frequently use/refer to (and prefer to use) for design guidance, their perceived barriers when designing for natural ventilation, and their preference for the style and format for future natural ventilation design guides. Our results reveal that design codes and case studies of exemplar buildings, rather than technically-orientated journals, were the preferred literature. A need for architect-focussed design guidance, in a visual format using conventions and terminologies already familiar to, or readily appreciated by, architects was identified.