Can the social behavior questionnaire help meet the need for dimensional, transdiagnostic measures of childhood and adolescent psychopathology?

17 Aug 2017

Abstract. The shift toward transdiagnostic and dimensional approaches to psychopathology research has created a growing need for psychometric assessments that reflect this conceptualization. We aimed to test whether an omnibus measure of psychopathology, the Social Behavior Questionnaire (SBQ), has suitable properties to serve as a dimensional, transdiagnostic assessment. We used an item response theory (IRT) approach to evaluate the reliable ranges of measurement of the psychopathology dimensions measured by the SBQ. For the dimensions of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Prosociality, Internalizing, and Externalizing, the SBQ can provide a reliable measure for below average to very high levels in a normative sample.