Callimachus: the Hymns, written by Stephens, S.A.

12 Mar 2018

This new Callimachean commentary has a modest goal: “to provide readers with a convenient and accessible edition of all six of Callimachus’ hymns in one volume, accompanied by notes sufficient for ease of reading” (p. vii). S(tephens) has in fact produced a very helpful edition which more than fulfils this ambition and will be of much use to readers of Callimachus’ hymns, especially those tackling his work for the first time. Alongside considerable linguistic help, S. offers concise yet lively interpretations of these poems, succinctly distilling the fruits of past scholarship while also adding new interpretations of her own. Limitations of space mean that she has had to be selective in the material covered, so specialists in the field will treat this volume as a supplement to, not replacement of, the older, more extensive editions of individual hymns. Nevertheless, S. has packed a lot into this commentary, which should be welcomed for rendering Callimachus more accessible to a wider audience.