Assumptions behind scoring source and item memory impact on conclusions about memory: A reply to Kellen and Singmann's comment (2017).

10 Apr 2018

In our recent article in the journal Cortex (Cooper, Greve, & Henson, 2017), we examined memory for source and item information using data from two different source monitoring paradigms and six different groups of participants. When comparing standard accuracy analysis and various Multinomial Processing Tree (MPT) models, we found that the type of analysis determined the extent to which item and/or source memory differences were found across groups (healthy young and older groups, an older group with mild memory problems, and individuals with hippocampal lesions). Our main point was methodological: that one could draw different conclusions (e.g., whether ageing or hippocampal lesions affect only source memory, or both source and item memory) depending on the analysis used.