Assessment of group work in initial teacher education and training.

12 Apr 2019

This study records findings of a study carried out in a group of 100 students at a South African university. This study examines the group?s assignments as a way of gathering evidence about pre-service teachers? achievements in the process of education and training. The empirical study was based on comparative analysis of scores obtained by students in group tasks and scores obtained by the same students doing the same task. The results indicated a discrepancy between marks obtained in the group task and marks earned through individual effort. Findings based on assessment of the results are displayed in the frequency distribution tables: inconsistency in the scores, trustworthiness of group assessment, and equitable allocation of marks to undeserving individuals in groups. High marks are allocated to students who did not warrant them. Moderation of marks (obtained by a group on the task is necessary to validate the reality of students? performance in a group assignment). Findings highlighted that group assignments do not provide a valid reflection of student performance which could mean that some fourth-year students obtain the qualification without earning it.