Archaeological Field Survey in the Environs of Aldborough (Isurium Brigantum)

15 May 2018

During the period from 1989‒97 an extensive field-walking survey was undertaken in the vicinity of the Roman town at Aldborough, North Yorks (Fig.1). Sponsored by the YAS's Roman Antiquities Section (henceforth RAS), the survey's aims were twofold: first, to map and characterise as much as possible of the immediate extra-mural settlement around Roman Aldborough; and second to see the Roman settlement in its immediate landscape context, by extending surface collection over all arable land up to 2000m from the urban core. Within the limits of available arable land, the first of these aims was successfully accomplished. Changed circumstances prevented the second aim from being fully achieved, although a wide-ranging sample of arable areas was examined. Altogether, the survey subjected some 58.3ha to intensive collection.