Arabidopsis DORN1 extracellular ATP receptor; activation of plasma membrane K+-and Ca2+-permeable conductances

23 Aug 2018

The first reports in the 1970s of extracellular ATP (eATP) effects on algal cytoplasmic streaming and Venus fly trap closure received little attention (Jaffe, 1973; Williamson, 1975). By the time interest in plant eATP revived, work on animals had revealed the existence of plasma membrane (PM) receptors for eATP that function in such processes as pain perception and vasodilation (Burnstock, 2016). Plant research is now catching up. eATP effects on roots (gravitropism, growth and development), hypocotyl (elongation), pollen (germination and tube growth), stomatal aperture, and cell viability are now documented (reviewed by Clark et al., 2014, Cho et al., 2017).