Application of PIXE in pollution control of the Matola River in Mozambique-analysis of fish scales

26 Aug 2020

Since PIXE is able to distinguish concentrations of elements at very small spatial scales, it can be used for estimating levels of metal pollution in biological material. This paper provides a preliminary report of a pilot study on the use of PIXE for the identification and quantification of elements (Al (3 wt%), Si 0.5 wt%), S (1.5 wt%), Cl (15 ppm), Mn (5 ppm), Fe (50 ppm), Ni (3 ppm), Zn (2 ppm), Rb (2 ppm), Sr (800 ppm) and Se (3 ppm)) in scales of the estuarine fish Pomadasys kaakan caught in the Matola River upstream from the Maputo estuary and, downstream of an aluminium smelter. Concentrations of both aluminium and sulphur were high (3 wt% and 1.5 wt%, respectively)