Analysis of electromagnetic environment in 1200 kV single circuit UHVAC transmission line by using FACE software and semi-empirical formulae

31 Jan 2022

In order to ensure efficient, bulk-power transmission over a long distance, need of increasing transmission-level voltage is being thought for the past many years. As a result, Ultra High Voltage AC (UHVAC) Transmission has appeared as a feasible solution. Many countries like Italy, Japan, USA, USSR, Brazil, China, India are developing technology for UHVAC transmission systems. Operating at 1000 kV (and above voltage level) demands careful design of transmission structure, switchgear, and equipment design. This paper presents a review of several studies carried out to analyze the electro-magnetic environment in UHVAC lines. The electromagnetic environment (Field, Audible Noise, Corona Loss, Radio Interference) of 1200 kV, Wardha-Aurangabad single-circuit transmission line, India is also evaluated using FACE (Field and Corona Effect) software. The results of the study of static AC field and magnetic field of the line are found to be within prescribed limits suggested by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines.