Analysis of a main cabin ventilation system in a jack-up offshore platform Part I : Numerical modelling

10 Jul 2020

This work aims to measure the thermodynamics of a main cabin ventilation system in a JU-2000E jack-up offshore platform. A three-dimensional (3D) physical model of the ventilation system was established, and the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software (ANSYS FLUENT) was used to calculate the model thermodynamics. Numerical analysis was performed to investigate the influence mechanisms of the ventilation factors such as ventilation temperature and volume on the ventilation performance. The analysis results demonstrate that (1) top-setting of the exhaust vents is more effective than the side-setting in terms of high temperature reduction, (2) small ventilation temperature and volume can improve the ventilation efficiency, and (3) proper shutdown selection of the backup diesel engine can enhance the ventilation performance. Furthermore, the effect of humidity for the ventilation air was investigated. Lastly, an experimental platform was developed based on the simulation model. Experimental tests were carried out to evaluate the shutdown selection of the backup engine and have shown consistent results to that of the simulation model. The findings of this study provide valuable guidance in designing the ventilation system in the JU-2000E jack-up offshore platform.