An X-Band Dual-Polarized Vivaldi Antenna with High Isolation

02 Sep 2017

An X-band dual-polarized Vivaldi antenna with high isolation is proposed. The procedure of this antenna design includes the conventional Vivaldi antenna with regular slot edge (RSE), the dual-polarized Vivaldi antenna with two Vivaldi antennas which have different feeding point positions in a cross-shaped form, and the two Vivaldi antennas with a galvanic contact in soldering point. By applying the RSE, it reduced the dimensions of the Vivaldi antenna and improved its radiation performance. The modified antenna is fabricated and measured. The measured results show that  dB at the entire X-band for the two Vivaldi antennas. The isolation () between the two feeding ports, which has been improved by applying the different feeding point positions and the galvanic contact in soldering point, is better than 34 dB at X-band. In addition, the cross-polarized discrimination is better than 21 dB for the two Vivaldi antennas, and the measured results also include the gain of two Vivaldi antennas.