An evaluation of challenges relating to recruitment and selection processes in the Robben Island Museum

10 Oct 2019

The study evaluated challenges concerning recruitment and selection processes in the Robben Island Museum. The implementation of the recruitment and selection practices is crucial in order for the organisation to fill the right positions with the right people who are experienced, competent, skilled and knowledgeable. In other words, organisations should strive for excellence in ensuring that there is compliance with legal prescripts whenever the recruitment and selection of employees commence. A qualitative research methodology was applied in order to achieve the primary aim of this paper in which case semi-structured interviews were used. Further, another data collection technique that was utilised to collect relevant information is official document study. A total sample of fourteen (14) purposefully selected participants, namely seven operational staff members and seven managers were chosen for interviews. Collected data was analysed through qualitative content analysis. The major findings indicate that the Robben Island Museum experience several recruitment and selection challenges, which include nepotism, cronyism and favouritism. The findings reveal that although qualifications are seen to be necessary during recruitment and selection processes but do not seem to be seriously considered as part of the selection criteria. This study identified some inconsistencies and failure to adhere to the recruitment and selection policy during recruitment and selection processes. Therefore, the Robben Island Museum should consider prioritising a review of current recruitment and selection policy in order to address ongoing challenges thereof.