An energy-efficient smart comfort sensing system based on the IEEE 1451 standard for green buildings

02 Dec 2014

In building automation, comfort is an important aspect, and the real-time measurement of comfort is notoriously complicated. In this paper, we have developed a wireless, smart comfort sensing system. The important parameters in designing the prevalent measurement of comfort systems, such as portability, power consumption, reliability, and system cost, were considered. To achieve the target design goals, the communication module, sensor node, and sink node were developed based on the IEEE1451 standard. Electrochemical and semiconductor sensors were considered for the development of the sensor array, and the results of both technologies were compared. The sensor and sink nodes were implemented using the ATMega88 microcontroller. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 preview was used to create the graphical user interface in C#. The sensors were calibrated after the signal processing circuit to ensure that the standard accuracy of the sensor was achieved. This paper presents detailed design solutions to problems that existed in the literature.